• Tregipell sells

    Wet Blue, Wet White, Wet Salted and leathers.

tregipell azienda vendita pelli


In 1999 Tregipell SRL has been founded by Gianni Verlato, who leads it with his sons Gloria and Giuseppe.

The name of the tannery comes from the first three letters of the names (Gianni/Gloria/Giuseppe).

The head office of the tannery is in Montebello Vicentino which is one of the most popular city in the world for the leathers.

Tregipell has a huge warehouse that can be seen by the customers. The customers can see and touch the high quality of the goods and choose which ones are the best according to their necessities.

Quality and Service are guaranteed

Tregipell has been the ideal partner for factories around the world that want a skilled and granted retailer which is able to satisfy with efficiency all kind of requirements, from quantity to quality.

Our Products

Our products can be used in many fields,
for instance furnitures, footwear, leather goods and so forth and
wherever there is a request of high and constant quality.


vendita pellami conciati in italia


pelli in wet blue
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